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Azobisisobutyronitrile Manufacturer in China

Taian Health Chemical Co., Ltd. always pays attention to the customer experience, and improves the after-sales service on the basis of ensuring the quality of the products. If you have time, you can also choose to visit our factory, we will have a special person to accompany us, our products Always in the leading position in the industry, the quality is good and the price is reasonable. If you are interested, please email us and we will reply as soon as possible. Supply Ability: 200 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details:25kg/carton box
Port: Qingdao
Lead Time : With 5-7days after get the deposit

Taian Health Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professionalazobisisobutyronitrile manufacturer and azobisisoheptonitrile wholesaler. Our products are made of high quality raw materials, advanced technology and multi-process. The volatilization ratio is lower, the melting point is accurate and the purity is higher.
As an azo initiator, Azobisisobutyronitrile is characterized by stable reaction, and its chemical properties are relatively stable. It is convenient for storage. It should be stored in the dark when stored. The temperature should not exceed 25 °C. The warehouse should be ventilated and dried at low temperature. It should be stored separately from the oxidant.

Azobisisobutyronitrile information

Chemical Names: 78-67-1; 2,2′-Azobis(2-methylpropionitrile); AIBN; Azobisisobutyronitrile; Genitron; Aivn More…
Molecular Formula: C8H12N4; (CH3)2(CN)CN=NC(CN)(CH3)2
Molecular Weight: 164.212 g/mol

Diamond Hazard Value Description
3 3
Blue Health 3 Can cause serious or permanent injury.
Red Flammability 3 Can be ignited under almost all ambient temperature conditions.
Yellow Instability 3 Capable of detonation or explosive decomposition or explosive reaction but requires a strong initiating source or must be heated under confinement before initiation.
White Special
Property Name Property Value
Molecular Weight 164.212 g/mol
Hydrogen Bond Donor Count 0
Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count 4
Rotatable Bond Count 2
Complexity 251
Topological Polar Surface Area 72.3 A^2
Monoisotopic Mass 164.106 g/mol
Exact Mass 164.106 g/mol
XLogP3 1.3
Compound Is Canonicalized true
Formal Charge 0
Heavy Atom Count 12
Defined Atom Stereocenter Count 0
Undefined Atom Stereocenter Count 0
Defined Bond Stereocenter Count 0
Undefined Bond Stereocenter Count 0
Isotope Atom Count 0
Covalently-Bonded Unit Count 1


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